LG Cookie now with 10 months free

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The LG Cookie (or KP500) is a budget touchscreen phone. Unlike its big brother the LG Renoir, it doesn’t have 3G or a top camera. This reduces its cost and makes the Cookie fantastic value for money. It’s more compact and easier to use than some of the more expensive touchscreen phones, yet it still has a large 3 inch display. Simply press the virtual buttons on screen using your finger. Text can be entered by typing on the QWERTY keyboard which slides into view when needed. Or, with handwriting recognition, you can use the supplied stylus to write on the screen.

The camera has 3.2 megapixels and no autofocus. It’s still decent for a budget phone should be adequate for an average user. There’s a good media player, a built-in FM radio and microSD card support up to 8GB. There’s no 3G or Wi-fi, which is a shame as the web browser is actually quite good – but 3G and Wi-fi would have increased the cost and the size. With all other essential features included, it’s no wonder that the Cookie is one of the most popular touchscreen phones.

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